Download Tiny Take Screen Recorder Software: Tiny take is a free screen recorder software available for Windows and Mac, provided by MangoApps. It has many exclusive features to be used to record a quality video. It is very straightforward and easy to use. You can capture a video within a minute and share it with your friends. With this software, you could directly upload the captured video on YouTube. You could directly share any files from your local drive as links. You could capture screens and videos, annotate it and share it with whomever. Tiny Take screen recorder software offers many exclusive features to its users because of which it is very popular among people.

Tiny Take Screen Recorder Software – Features

  • Record a video for the duration of up to 120 minutes
  • You can record the video using your webcam
  • You can capture the entire screen or part of the screen while recording video
  • This software enables you to store your screenshots and videos in the cloud
  • This software is proxy server friendly
  • Also, you can open and annotate the existing images
  • Furthermore, you can copy any content to the clipboard and save it locally
  • With this software, you can share the link to any stored videos and screenshots
  • Also, you can zoom in and zoom out whenever you want
  • You can customise the shortcut keys as per your need

Keyboard shortcuts for Tiny Take Screen Recorder Software

  • Shift+PrtScrn – Capture region
  • Alt+PrtScrn – Capture window
  • Ctrl+PrtScrn – Capture fullscreen
  • Ctrl+4 – Capture image from the webcam
  • Ctrl+0 – Capture video
  • Ctrl+1 – Capture video from webcam

You can also change the default key combinations just by getting into the settings tab of the software.

Know about Screen Recorder Software for Windows.

Tiny Take Screen Recorder Software free download
Tiny Take shortcut keys

Download Tiny Take screen recorder software

Click here to download Tiny Take screen recorder software.

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To sum up with Tiny Take Screen Recorder Software

Tiny Take screen recorder software is perfectly a great tool to record long duration videos. You can even take screenshots and record videos using the webcam. With this software, make beautiful videos with animation, editing, and different annotations to make your video look better. Finally, Tiny Take is the best to use software because of its elegant and exclusive features. Download this software to explore its impressive features of it. In the case of any queries, feel free to comment below.