Radmin Viewer | Radmin (Remote Administrator) is one of the fastest, safest, and most popular remote access software solutions designed for Windows. Famatech Radmin was originally developed in 1999 by Dmitry Znosko. Famatech is the CEO of Radmin, and it is a product of Famatech Corp. It is a remote control software for Microsoft Windows, and it uses the mirror driver (video hook driver) to control another computer remotely. A remote computer screen can be viewed on a local monitor on full-screen or a Windows PC. It is known for its highest security. Whenever the user tries to connect to a remote computer, then the Radmin Server prompts you to authenticate securely using a login id and password.

Using Radmin, files can be transferred to and from the remote computer, and communication with the remote computer’s user is possible by either by Text Chat or Voice Chat. A similar version is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is designed to support multiple LAN protocols and different types of network topologies.


Radmin Viewer is an Intel vPro tool for the management of a remote computer over the Internet or LAN. It works even if it is turned off and you cannot start the remote computer’s operating system. Using Radmin Viewer, you can perform a remote turn on and network boot. It has complete BIOS remote control and cold restart the remote computer with Intel AMT. Radmin Viewer enables you to turn on or restart and shut down the remote computer. It also allows the user to view and change the BIOS settings of any remote computer and to boot it from a disk image file or local CD.

The principle of Radmin Operation

Radmin has two separate modules:

  • Radmin Server is the server module of the Radmin Server, and it needs to be installed on the computer on which you want to access remotely. A Radmin Server is a companion software that works with Radmin Viewer.
  • Radmin Viewer (Remote Administrator Viewer) is the client module of the Radmin Remote Control software, and it needs to be installed on the PC on which you want to use to access the remote computer. However, the folder contents of that installed Client module could be copied and placed in any other folders and the computers, and these computers need not have the Client module installed.

All mouse movements and keyboard signals are transferred from the local computer directly to the remote computer over the network via LAN or the Internet, relying on the graphical screen updates back in the other direction. Radmin Server uses the mirror driver which is also known as the video hook driver, to read the remote screen bypassing the video display controller. The Mirror driver allows only reading the changing parts of the screen. Use the Angry IP Scanner to scan the local network and the Internet for the IP addresses.

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The new DirectScreenTransfer technology is implemented in the latest version of the Radmin. The new video driver allows it to dramatically increase the rate of screen updates with minimum utilization of CPU. Security features are added, such as user prompt and limitations on what a user can do. Multiple user accounts could also be created with different privileges.

Radmin – Key Features

The below listed are the key features of Radmin Software.

Get Full Control: Remote Administrator Software shows your desktop on the remote computer, and it lets you control it with your local mouse and keyboard.

Transfer Files: It enables you to manipulate the remote computer’s files and folders. It also supports two-way file transfer with an auto-resume feature.

View Only: Radmin’s View Only feature is the same as the full control mode. However, it only enables you to view the remote computer screen.

Intel AMT: Radmin lets you perform hardware remote control of the computer based on the Intel vPro platform. Supported features include remote power on or off, BIOS control, cold restart, startup control in text mode, and network boot from the local CD or disk image file.

Remote Administrator

Text & Voice Chat: Converse with all the users who are connected to the same computer via text chat or talk via a microphone with Radmin. Sends a text message, and that will pop up on the remote computer.

Remotely Shutdown: Radmin has a special connection that shut down or reboots the remote computer.

DirectScreenTransfer: Radmin’s DirectScreenTransfer technology provides the highest operating speed. All the transferred data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption.

Telnet Mode: The remote computer can now use system commands and also launch text-mode applications now without a graphical interface.

Download Radmin for Windows PC

Click the link to Download Radmin – Remote Administrator.

Intel AMT Controls Hardware Remote

Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) is a remote control technology, which is integrated into the hardware of a PC based on Intel vPro platform. Traditional remote control solutions could control a computer only if the computer’s operating system runs and is configured.

Intel AMT removes this limitation and allows you to control the remote computer when it is turned off and has no operating system installed in it. This functionality is provided by a particular add-on processor on the motherboard which can handle incoming network requests. Even if the computer is turned off, the add-on processor will work on standby power, provided the computer’s power cord is plugged in.

Features of Intel AMT in Radmin Viewer

Cold Restart: Radmin restarts a remote computer even if the operating system is not responding. Cold restarting causes the remote computer back from a ‘hang’ created by a ‘Blue Screen’ error state, network configuration failures, or any other problems.

Turn On: Radmin can turn on a remote computer if its power cord is plugged in. It is very helpful for firms in which the employees often tend to switch computers off. A system administrator could remotely turn on a computer using Intel AMT and connect to it using the Radmin’s Full Control mode and thus perform administrative tasks.

Network Boot: One of the most exciting Intel AMT features supported by Radmin is the remote network boot. Radmin Viewer permits the remote computer to boot from a local computer’s CDROM or floppy drive or via ISO or floppy image file. The entire boot process is interactive, and the keyboard keys are sent directly to the remote computer. The functionality also enables the user to use a recovery console, perform maintenance, or use software that boots from a CD-Rom like memtest or by installing an operating system remotely.

Cold Turn Off: It can turn off a remote computer even if the operating system of the remote computer is not responding. The feature is called Cold Turn Off and is helpful if the remote computer is not directly accessible.

Startup Remote Control: Radmin could reboot a remote computer and take control of its text mode boot process. The user could view text messages on the boot screen or activate advanced motherboard features like RAID controller settings. Also, the user can interact with the operating system’s startup screen just by hitting the F8 key and then selecting the operating system’s startup options like ‘safe mode’ or ‘last known good configuration.’

BIOS Remote Control: With the Intel AMT technology, Radmin can reboot a remote computer into the BIOS and work with the BIOS settings of the computer remotely. The functionality enables remote troubleshooting of hardware problems, setting boot device priority, or fine-tuning motherboard settings. Advanced Network Scanner is a free multi-threaded BIOS scanner that analyzes the networks.


Security of Radmin Remote Access Software

Security is an essential thing for any remote access software. So Famatech decided to provide the highest security levels possible. The cryptography engineers of the firm are very proud of pushing the technology to keep Radmin as the most secure available remote access software. Advanced IP Scanner Radmin remote control software is deeply integrated.

The 3rd version of Radmin (Radmin 3 remote control software full) has been profoundly strengthened regarding security concerns. The software’s security system could now maintain individual user passwords and permissions. The new authentication method is likely based on a Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm by using 2048-bit keys. Login names and passwords of the user are stored on the server systems for added security. The software can still use Windows own user authentication services, thus avoiding the need to maintain separate sets of user security data, with Kerberos support available as well.

Radmin Security includes

  • Advanced 256-Bit AES strong encryption of all data streams.
  • Smart protection from password guessing.
  • Ability to use either Windows Security or Radmin Security.
  • IP Filter permits access to Radmin Server only from specified IP addresses and networks.
  • DNS name and user name info added to the log file.
  • Radmin prevents incorrect Server configurations. Radmin Server does not allow empty passwords.
  • Radmin records all its actions and events to a log file.
  • The algorithms used are the most modern encryption methods, and the key sizes are well above industry standards.

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