Rylstim Screen Recorder Software Download: Rylstim Screen Recorder software is a free, light screen recorder software that enables you to record everything on your screen including the cursor movements and you would be able to differentiate the right and left clicks of the mouse with this software. Also, you can set the frame rate for the video to be recorded.  It is very easy to get started with this screen recorder software. Once you select the required video codec, you are done. You can start recording the video. You could get a great experience of recording with this software. Know about Rylstim Screen Recorder Software in this article.

Rylstim Screen Recorder Software
Rylstim Screen Recorder

Features of Rylstim Screen Recorder Software

  • Ability to start recording your video within very few steps
  • You can highlight all the movements like mouse clicks, keystrokes on your video being recorded
  • It supports only the AVI file format. Fortunately, this file format is the popularly used one in multi-media
  • Furthermore, Rylstim has an intuitive interface. It will not take much time to explore this screen recorder software
  • Rylstim is completely customizable
  • Also, you can choose the desired codec for the video to be recorded
  • This software supports Cinepak Codec by Radius, Intel IYUV Codec, Microsoft Video 1, Toshiba YUV codec
  • Furthermore, you need not manually configure any complicated things

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Screen recorder software download
Features of Rylstim
Screen recorder softwares download
Features of Rylstim

Keyboard shortcuts for Rylstim Screen Recorder Software

The only shortcut key available for this screen recorder is F9. When you press F9, you would be able to stop the recording. For the remaining tasks of recording, you can use the default options provided in the interface of this software.

Download Rylstim Screen Recorder Software

Click here to download Rylstim Screen Recorder Software.

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To sum up with Rylstim Screen Recorder Software

Rylstim Screen Recorder software is fine for the basic level of recording. Everything in technology incurs advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, Rylstim lacks a video editing feature. And also, the features of this screen recorder software is not competitive and gratifying as compared to the features of another popular screen recorder software available in the market. On the whole, it is good to use this software at the core level without any animation effects and editing works. In the case of any queries on Rylstim Screen Recorder Free Download, feel free to comment below.

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