Port Scanner Mac | Advanced Port Scanner Download: Advanced Port Scanner is a free, reliable network scanner that allows you to find open ports on network computers easily. Advanced Port Scanner also recovers versions of programs running on the discerned ports. Advanced Network Port Scanner does its detailed work efficiently in a short period. It is a tool that helps users to scan a configured port range on any Windows workstation. This program impressed mostly by its natural look, and although it’s not a beginner’s app, it still makes everything very easy to use. It contains a large number of descriptions for the most common ports, and you can scan on a predefined port range.

advanced port scanner

Advanced Port Scanner has a user-friendly interface due to its friendly Scan Wizard and accessible to new users, and it has rich functionality. The main window of Advanced Network Scanner engenders users to input the scan target, which can be either a single IP or an entire range. The same rule can be applied to ports as well; only Advanced Port Scanner comes with a default port list which includes the current entries used by Windows.

advanced port scanner

Advanced Port Scanner determines ports that are left open for communications but could also be used to access the computer or the network connected to the computer. It analyzes specified IP port ranges, recovers information from all the ports, and later announces if a service is activated.  As Advanced Port Scanner relies on a multi-threaded engine, and therefore it can take full advantage of a powerful computer and also complete the scanning process faster.

A configuration screen is also available, which boasts some more advanced options like the maximum threads and port scan timeout, threads priority, and a separate option for pinging the computers before scanning. Each scanned machine is then displayed in the main window in a dedicated panel, along with the information regarding the scanned, opened, and closed ports. It is an added advantage that Advanced Port Scanner is easy to use the program and so the beginners can even give it a try as well. It also includes a decent help manual with all the necessary information on the available features.

So overall, Advanced Port Scanner for Mac is yet another port scanner that provides a fast engine and an easy-to-use interface. It also sports the results exporting and a simple wizard to set up a new scan.

Download Advanced Port Scanner for Windows & Mac PC

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Advanced Port Scanner – Main Features

  • Wake-On-LAN and Remote PC Shutdown
  • Getting information about network devices
  • Fast multi-threaded port scanning
  • Remote access
  • Run commands on a remote computer
  • Easy access to the resources found
  • Scan thousands of ports efficiently
  • Full configurable port scan
  • Large number of port scan in a few seconds
  • Export of scan results
  • Enter the IP range and scan for open ports within those IP ranges
  • Multi-threaded scanning for faster results
advanced port scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is also available with a configuration screen that contains more advanced options, which includes maximum threads and port scan timeout. Furthermore, with threads priority and ping computers before scanning with a separate option on your window. Then the scanned machine is displayed on the right of the main window in a dedicated panel, which has the information regarding the opened, scanned, and closed ports. This is nearly similar to the Advanced Network Scanner.

Working Nature of Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner helps you detect open ports on the computers connected to your network. The scanner will provide maximum information about all network devices, including computer names, IP and MAC addresses, names of manufacturers of network cards, and Wi-Fi routers. It can identify the software running on those computers, like operating systems, HTTP, and FTP servers. The program could scan the entire network or for a given IP range and find the connected devices. However, the user cannot use various IP ranges or network masks simultaneously. Fortunately, it is possible to manage the number of threads the program uses to find the ports. It is to note that increasing the detection speed needs more CPU usage.

Once the scanning is completed, the user could perform various operations on the selected device, which include opening shared folders in Windows Explorer as well as browsing local HTTP and FTP sites. If Radmin Viewer is installed on the computer, then it is possible to carry out more complex operations, like taking control of a remote machine, sending messages, transferring files, and communicating via voice chat.

The Advanced Port Scanner program can create reports, and it can save or exports your results of scanning for scanning purposes and other operations in .html, .xml, and .csv formats. Also, the reports can be sent directly to a printer. Advanced Port Scanner Mac is a solution for those users who do not need to perform any sophisticated operations on the network or do not have enough budget. It allows you one-click access to various network computer resources such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and shared folders. The program finds all computers running on RDP or Radmin and lets its user connect to any one of them with one click.

The remote PC shutdown feature permits you shut down any remote computer or a group of computers running on Windows. Wake up these machines remotely with Advanced Port Scanner if their network cards support the Wake-On-LAN function. There is also an option to run quick commands (ping, tracert, telnet, and SSH) on a selected computer. The program has a user-friendly interface, and it can be directly launched from the installer without needing any manual installation.

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