Movavi Screen Recorder Software Download: Movavi screen recorder software is a lightweight screen recorder available for free to record high-quality videos. You can adjust the settings of the recorder as per the requirement. It is entirely customizable. You can schedule the recording duration and engage yourself in some other tasks. It is very to use this software. With a single click, you can start recording your video. You can compress the file to the desired size before you save it. You can save the file in whatever format you want. A professional screen recording can be done with the help of this software. It is easy to get used to the features of this incredible screen recorder software.

Screen recorder softwares download
Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder Software – Features

  • With Movavi Screen Recorder Software, you can set the frame rate, the recording area.
  • This software has an inbuilt video editor with which you can make your video be presented in an attractive way
  • Furthermore, you can capture the audio from any source
  • The interface of the software is intuitive with which the beginners could also be able to use the recorder quickly
  • Also, this software has powerful video processing tools
  • You can choose to record the entire screen or a part of it
  • The most admirable feature is that you can schedule your recording and engage yourself with other tasks. saves a lot of time
  • You can export your videos to almost all the formats
  • The quality of the video is optimized based on the device on which it is viewed. Therefore, the videos recorded with Movavi software is always seen in the best quality possible
  • In addition, this screen recorder software has video editing options and features equal to stand-alone video-editor applications
screen recorder softwares download
Movavi features

Keyboard shortcuts for Movavi Screen Recorder Software

To set the hotkeys for ease of use, go to Program preferences-> Keyboard shortcuts

Movavi Screen recorder software download
Keyboard shortcuts for Movavi

To set the shortcuts:

  • Click inside the box and it becomes blank
  • You can then set the preferred key for each action of recording
  • Click OK to validate those shortcut keys to turn into action

Note: You cannot use the system shortcuts by default because system shortcuts have precedence over the application shortcuts. Hence you must be aware of the default system alternatives before setting hotkeys for the Movavi screen recorder.

Download Movavi screen recorder software free Windows

Click here to download Movavi screen recorder software.

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To sum up with Movavi Screen Recorder Software

To conclude, Movavi screen recorder software is the best one to use, because of its exclusive and incredulous features. It has all the features needed to record a high-quality video with powerful editing effects. It even has many exceptional features when compared to all other screen recorder software available in the market. It is a perfect tool to do demonstrations, presentations and tutorials. The only disadvantage is that you cannot directly upload the videos to YouTube from this software. Download and experience this excellent screen recorder. In a case of any queries, feel free to comment below.