Online dating sites are available in numbers, and unlike the Tinder app, none of them has gained criticism and fame. Yes, Tinder was cursed once after its launch, but it attracted people, and from there, it started gaining popularity. Tinder is an online dating application developed for Android and iOS platforms initially. However, Tinder is no more a mobile app. Experience and ease of comfort with Tinder desktop. Of course, the app is not officially available for desktops, yet there are ways to go with the Tinder desktop version. Tinder for PC works in the same way as the mobile version. Need not stand omitted with online dating as the popular dating app is available for Windows and Mac. Follow the blog to know how to use Tinder on the desktop and the steps to download Tinder Desktop.

Tinder Desktop

Get into the world of socialised people now at your doorstep. The user interface of the app lets its user feel the lightness regarding features and functionality. As far as the smartphone versions are considered, the Tinder app just works on swiping gestures. However, the Tinder desktop operates on mouse clicks. It tracks your location in sync with the Facebook app and introduces you to people who match your interests.

Tinder – An Outlook

Tinder is an online dating location-based social service application that works with the synchronisation of Facebook. It was developed in the year 2012 by IAC. Tinder is the first of all apps to provide swiping features within the app. Swipe right to like a picture of a person, or swipe left to move to the next photo. It helps you find a perfect partner or a match for dating. Get a date with Tinder users who match your interests. The person you like when liked back, then it’s a Match. Tinder works in a way such that it shows you other users from within a certain distance. Chat options work for those who are Match. Form a group and meet for a date. With Tinder Social, you can broadcast your Group location with which your Tinder mates would join with you.

Get Tinder Desktop via Emulator

As mentioned, Tinder is a mobile app, and one can switch to Tinder desktop if the PC has an emulator installed.  As the app is available on the Android platform, the Android app player can be used to run the app on the desktop. An Android emulator is a virtual mobile device that acts as a barrier between the computer and the Android platform. Although there are various options available, one could use BlueStacks. As it works on all the leading desktop platforms, one could undoubtedly make use of it. BlueStacks satisfies all your dating needs via Tinder desktop. Get Tinder for Windows PC and Tinder for Mac PC with the BlueStacks installed.

Steps To Get Tinder Desktop Version

  • Ensure your desktop has BlueStacks installed. If not, you have to download it from its official site.
  • Wait until the BlueStacks completes its downloading process. Then install the BlueStacks on your desktop.
  • Access BlueStacks by signing in with your Google account.
  • Open Google Play Store and tap the search box and type Tinder and click on the search button.
Tinder Desktop
  • The search result will show the Tinder app. Click to open the app from the Play Store.
  • Now, install the Tinder app from Play Store.
  • Wait for the download to finish. Then go to the MyApp section in BlueStacks, and you can find the Tinder app there. Click on its icon to open.
Tinder Desktop

You can access the app either with Tinder Sign up or Tinder Login. Sign up means you are a new user and if you are an existing user, then log in to continue.

As Tinder uses Facebook sync to show your Tinder mates, it is necessary to follow Tinder Sign In Without Facebook or use a fake GPS app to provide a fake location.

Note: Providing a fake location is only recommended to hide you from being a desktop Tinder user.

So with this method, you can use the Tinder app on your desktop quickly.

Tinder Online

Tinder has no online access until now. It does not even have a Chrome Web Extension. However, like other social media apps, Tinder is currently working on Tinder Online accounts. Swiping would be more fun if Tinder got online access. It is mentioned on its official page that all the Tinder features available on the mobile platform would be seen in the online version.

Tinder Desktop

Tinder Desktop – Screenshots

Tinder Desktop
Tinder Desktop
Tinder Desktop
Tinder Desktop
Tinder Desktop

Hope the information provides is useful to you. If you have any queries about Tinder Desktop, please let us know from your comments.