CamStudio screen recorder software is the free screen recorder software with which you can create high-standard quality AVI files. It has many exclusive built-in features to attract users. CamStudio has a built-in streaming flash video producer with which you can make your videos consume less bandwidth. This Screen Recorder Software enables you to decide whether your cursor movement has to be shown or not in the video you are recording. CamStudio download controls the output of your video, like covering only a smaller portion of your screen of demonstration, compressing the video to a smaller size if you want it to be mailed. It would not take much time to get used to this recorder. Furthermore, there is a built-in help file to help you out if you got stuck anywhere. Know about CamStudio screen recorder software in this article.

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CamStudio Screen Recorder Software – Features

  • CamStudio Software is free of cost, and you need not pay any amount to use this software.
  • User-friendly interface and it would take very less time to get used to the features of this Screen Recorder software.
  • You can even customise the voice of your demonstration video according to your requirements.
  • Users can choose the quality of the recording, based on whether you want your video to occupy larger or smaller bytes of memory.
  • ¬†Also, you can decide the cursor movements, whether it has to be shown or hidden in your demonstrations or presentations.
  • Furthermore, CamStudio Recorder Download has its Lossless codec that provides a much smaller file size.
  • This Screen Recorder Software is used to record and show video tutorials, demonstrations, presentations or even you could record a recurring problem to show that to technical support people.
  • Also, CamStudio Software has a built-in Streaming flash video producer(SWF).
  • High-quality videos can be recorded if you want them to be burnt to CD.
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Configuring keyboard shortcuts in CamStudio screen recorder

Unlike other screen recorder software, CamStudio Recorder does not have predefined keyboard shortcuts for ease of use. You can configure it in whatever way you want. Also, to set the keyboard shortcuts,

Go to Options Menu-> Program Options-> Keyboard shortcuts

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Configure your shortcut keys in the window that opens and click the OK button.

Ok option

Other Screen Recorder Softwares:

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  2. Rylstim Screen Recorder software
  3. Tiny Take Screen Recorder software
  4. Movavi Screen Recorder software

To Sum Up

Finally, CamStudio screen recorder Download is a perfect tool to reduce the load of being headed with presentations and demonstrations. Consequently, it makes your job much easier than you think. This software helps you to make your audience understand your presentation or demonstration in a much better way. On the whole, it is a boon to the people in the field of training, marketing, etc. So explore and enjoy the features of the CamStudio screen recorder. In the case of any queries on CamStudio Screen Recorder Free Download, feel free to comment below.

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