Viber For iOS: One must have a messenger app installed to exchange information. It is because one could enjoy unlimited texts and calls for free throughout the world. Anyone can get in touch with their loved ones with these applications installed on their smartphones. Sharing and exchanging information through this means is now becoming the trend. Viber is one such application developed to share things globally through smartphones. Viber is special in the way that it was first designed for iPhones and later made available for other platforms. I call it unique because this post is all about Viber iOS. All its features available in iOS versions are discussed here, and you could conclude from this article that Viber is one must-have application for your iPhone. Get into for more information about the Viber App for iOS.

Viber For iOS
Viber For iOS

Stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues now with Viber App installed. Viber was developed in 2010 by Viber Media for iPhones. With gaining popularity, it was introduced for other platforms, and hence it is platform-independent. Get connected with more than 823 million Viber friends from around the world. Find more about Viber for iOS with the following contents.

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Features of Viber for iOS

Stay connected with your beloved ones now with instant messaging. With Viber App, one would forget the distance, and you will find them much closer to you. Send messages, call them anytime, update your status, and much more with an internet connection now with the Viber app. Keep reading the article to know more about all the features available in Viber iOS App.

  • Viber is a completely free messaging and calling app that keeps you connected with all your friends and family with an internet connection provided.
  • Address Book Synchronisation is available that lets you know your Viber friends from your contacts directly.
  • Send and receive unlimited messages to your Viber friends for absolutely free with Viber app.
  • Share your message with Stickers to spice up your conversation. Share what you mean exactly with thousands of stickers available.
  • Chat with a community with a Group chat feature available and express your views mutually.
  • Send an Audio Note, share your location, send files of about 200 MB of maximum size in Viber iOS App.
Viber For iOS
Viber For iOS
  • Make Video call, and Voice calls to your favourite kind of people now from anywhere with HD quality.
  • In Viber for iOS, make calls Internationally for free without any hassle. You don’t need any login id or username for this. Call to non-user Viber member now with little cost.
  • Hide your chats and make them private. Provide a password and lock it up from unauthorized access.
  • One could like and comment on the pictures of their friends when they post it and update it.
  • Follow your favourite kind of celebrities and brands and find their recent updates about them with Public Chat option.
  • Download and play games with the Viber app. You could uninstall it whenever you feel it is not necessary.
  • Viber for iOS Supports multiple languages.

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Speciality of Viber iOS App

  • There is an option called Damage control with which you could delete the sent message when you feel that it is not what you meant.
  • All the calls and messages are now secured with end-to-end encryption. So there no need to worry about unauthenticated users in Viber.
  • Only trusted contacts are available in the Viber App, and it ensures security to all the users of Viber.

Specifications of Viber iOS

Viber Specifications on iOS is given below

Developer: Viber
Release Date: December 02, 2010
Category: Social Network
Supported Operating Systems: iOS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Download Viber For iOS

Connect with your family and friends irrespective of the distance you live with Viber. To use Viber on your iPhone and enjoy all-new features available, click on the link below to download Viber for iOS.

You can directly download Viber for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Viber is also available for

Viber for iOS – Screenshots

Viber for iOS
Viber for iOS
Viber for iOS
Viber for iOS
Viber for iOS
Viber for iOS

Hope the information about Viber For iOS is useful to you. For any queries regarding Viber app for iOS comments us below.