Viber For Windows Phone Download: Are you looking for an application on your Windows Phone to share messages? Then Viber for Windows Phone is the best choice. Send and receive unlimited messages globally to all your loved ones for free. Keep in touch with them at any time and know them well irrespective of the distance. Viber is a cross-platform application with Voice over Internet Protocol designed for instant messaging. Viber Messenger was developed by Viber Media in 2010. Initially developed for iOS and later on for other platforms. Viber App was officially launched for Windows Phone in the year 2012. It has got 823 million registered users worldwide. Get into to know more about the features of Viber Messenger for Windows Phone.

Viber for Windows Phone

Stay in touch with all your family and friends with Viber App from your Windows Phone. Share them with a text message, pictures, videos, make calls and much more now with Viber App. Express yourself to them quickly. Converse anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. The features of Viber app in Windows Phone are as follows:


Look at the all-new cool features of Viber app for Windows phone.

  • Unlimited messages can be sent and received at any time with Viber installed.
  • Share your words with Stickers and emoticons to make your conversation more lively.
  • In Viber Application, Share your message with your recent updates by sending a picture.
  • Chat in groups and express your views mutually. A single group can have up to 200 members maximum.
  • Chat could be hidden from others to maintain privacy.
  • With Damage Control, you could delete the message which you regret sending.
  • With Viber on Windows Phone, find all the recent updates of famous celebrities and companies with the Public chat option.
  • Share contact information with your friends and family by Viber App.
  • Send and receive audio and video messages to your contacts for free.
  • Talk to your loved ones with an audio and video call option available.
  • Make international calls with high quality.
  • Call to a non-Viber member from anywhere with low call rates.
  • Contacts can be blocked if you no longer want to communicate with that number.
  • One could send any file to anyone. All the popular file types are supported in Viber.
  • Play games with Viber account by installing the gaming apps.
  • Supports cross platforms. i.e. Viber can be used in phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • The Viber apk could be resized in PC for optimal view.
  • All the messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. So one could believe that the Viber contacts are all authenticated.

Specifications of Viber

Watch the space below for Viber Specifications

Developer: Viber
Release Date: December 2, 2010
Category: Social Networking
Viber supports on: Windows Mobile
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Download Viber For Windows Phone

Express things now easily and quickly with Viber application. Note that Viber can be accessed for Windows version of 8 and above.

Click the link to download Viber for Windows Phone from the Microsoft Store.

Viber is also available for

Viber For Windows Phone – Screenshots

Viber For Windows Phone
Viber For Windows Phone
Viber For Windows Phone

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