Tinder For Windows Phone Download: Online dating is now the trend. Tinder For Windows Phone is a social activity that makes people communicate with one another. There are lots of applications available in the store for online dating. Tinder app is one among them which is worth for one’s dating needs. Finding a perfect match for oneself is made easy with Tinder installed on the device. It is a popular dating application that permits people of a preferred distance to get into communication. Like or pass a photo by swapping. When both likes each other make a match. The Chat option gets enabled only for matches. Unfortunately, Tinder for Windows Phone is not yet released. Need not worry, there are client applications available for Tinder Windows Phone version. Download Tinder App for Windows Phone is the best application for windows phone users to enjoy online dating. All the features are the same as the Tinder app. Read the article to know more about Tinder client applications and much more.

Tinder For Windows Phone
Tinder For Windows Phone

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What is Tinder All About?

Tinder app for Windows Phone is an online dating application that functions as a location-based social service application. The online dating trend started with this app development. It was designed by IAC in the year 2012. Overcame all the criticisms and now Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the row of downloads. It was downloaded 100 million times and has 10 million swipes by active users daily. The app is designed with swiping options in such a way to make the user feel the ease. Swipe right to like a person or left to pass. If you get back like then, it is a match. The Chat option will be enabled only for the match. Date a group of people, join them for a hangout and make more fun.

Features of Tinder For Windows Phone

  1. Tinder is a dating application that works with GPS connection.
  2. It is a location-based hookup app that works for Facebook synchronization.
  3. Connect with the locals or people near your location or with your preferred distance mentioned.
  4. Add details like your name, gender, age, favourites, location and what sort of individuals you are looking for dating.
  5. Swipe right to Like a person and swipe to pass on to the next photo.
  6. If you get back a Like, then it is a match. Chat with them to know more about the Tinder Application.
  7. Super-like a photo to show you are very much interested in that person.
  8. Form a group and make a hangout. Update your groupie so that other tinder mates could join to add more fun to Tinder Social.
  9. Let your profile stay at the top in your area for 30 minutes now with Tinder Boost.
  10. Instagram integration allows you to choose people from Insta dating accounts.
  11. Tinder app shows people based on your previous likes and passes so that you will feel the lightness of its working.
  12. Facebook friends and mutual friends could join in Tinder so that hangouts will be filled with more fun.
  13. Contacts can be blocked at any time when the user feels the need.
  14. Tinder is available in 30 languages and is a multi-platform application.

Is Tinder Available for Windows Phone?

It is mentioned that Tinder is not available for Windows Phone and any windows user could download the client application to enjoy all the salient features of the Tinder app. We will update once the app was released for Windows Phones. Instead of this application, you can use the given below alternative application on your Windows Phone.

Tinder For Windows Phone – Alternatives

Since there is no official app called Tinder App for Windows Phone is made available in the market, it is certain that any Windows phone user feels neglected. But need not feel for the unavailability of Tinder on windows phone because there are client applications available with which the windows user can use Tinder features in both the look and feel. Those applications were developed especially for windows phone user in which all the features will be the same as that of an Android version. It includes swiping, like or pass and all other things. There are three client applications available with which you could date for a person or a group. Note that all the client applications have features like the above-mentioned Tinder features.

Tinder For Windows Phone
Tinder For Windows Phone

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1. 6tin:

Tinder For Windows Phone

6tin is one of the advanced Tinder client applications for Windows Phone. Swipe left or right to anonymously like or pass persons for free with GPS enabled. This also works in sync with Facebook. Shows people near your location. Chat with people who like you back. Create a public username and share it. Similarly, use the username to search for people. Undo last swipes. Swipe more so that your profile gets swiped more. It is necessary that you must be active so that your profile will be seen by more. 6tin supports Continuum and dark themes. It allows you to create pick-up lines and save photos of your contacts on your phone. Set location manually. Download 6tin to enjoy dating.

2. Timber:

Tinder For Windows Phone

This is another Tinder client app available for phones, tablets, and desktop with Windows OS. It is a premium client of Tinder app that serves you with online dating. Works in sync with Facebook and suggest you to people nearby. Like or dislike about the swiping option. Choose your location manually. Block contacts and more like Tinder app with Timber now.

3. ToolsForTinder:

Tinder For Windows Phone

This is an alternative to Tinder for Windows phone app free download. It includes all the Tinder features. It has enabled with some more extra features when compared with Tinder. It includes seeing photo all at once, like everyone with Like All button and Like Selected button select people from your favourite. Set location manually and search for people using Filter option so that you can organize and like people quickly to become the match.

Tinder is also available for

Tinder For Windows Phone – Screenshots

Tinder client applications screenshots were shown since there is no official version of Tinder app is made available for Windows Phone.

Tinder For Windows Phone
Tinder For Windows Phone
Tinder For Windows Phone
Tinder For Windows Phone

Hope the information provided about Tinder for Windows Phone is useful to you. If you have any queries on Tinder, please comment below.

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