Xender For iOS/ iPhone: Applications developed for Smartphones are emerging in number indeed. One such category of the applications is the File Transferring Apps. With all the development, even file transferring and sharing is made easy with the applications developed. However, one must choose the right app for transferring. It is because the file that is being transferred must reach the receiver with high speed, without any loss in its quality, securely transferring the data, and so on. Xender app is one such file transferring application that is widely used. This article deals ultimately about Xender for iOS and its features. Xender is currently operable on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Phone, and Windows PC. It supports multi-platforms and such that sharing is made easy with just installing the Xender for iPhone. Ensure that your receiver also installed Xender App on his device.

Xender for iOS
Xender for iOS

Xender transfers files between two or more smartphones. Anyone could share data with each other quickly now with the Xender app. It was designed by Xender Team in 2012. Having compared with other tools to transfer data, Xender works effectively and efficiently in handling the transfers. Get into to know more about the Xender app for iOS.

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Features of Xender for iOS (iPhone)

Transferring is made easy with the introduction of the Xender App. Therefore one need not require any external cable to transfer files from one device to another. Works better than the Bluetooth option regarding speed, quality, and capacity. Its features are listed below.

  • Xender Application can transfer files that include documents, photos, videos and complete application.
  • Transfers file not only with iOS devices but also with other devices. It aims at multi-platform.
  • Transfer files without any data cables or with traditional tools such as Bluetooth or any software.
  • Xender for iOS is a free application that moves everything without a USB cable.
  • Xender for iPhone works without the internet for free. Hence one need not worry about the web connection and data usage.
  • Transfers files within a fraction of seconds without any loss in its original quality with the flash speed of about 10 M/S.
  • Supports sharing of records with a maximum of up to 4 members.
Xender For iOS
  • Supports cross-platform file transferring and hence one could transfer between different devices including iOS to Android, iOS to PC and vice versa.
  • Just slide or shake to transfer the data from your phone.
  • There is no need of installing any additional software when it comes to moving data between PCs.
  • In Xender for iOS, Offline mode enables you to transfer data between phone to PC with high speed. It does not require any internet connection.
  • Phone Replicate option is enabled as a new feature with which one could take a backup of the phone. Use this option whenever you change the phone. You could copy the contacts, pictures, music and all the others from your old phone to new phone easily.

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Specifications of Xender iOS

Watch the space below for Xender iOS Specifications

Developer: Xender Team
Release Date: 2012
Category: File Sharing
Xender supports: iOS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Download Xender for iOS

Now transferring is made easy with few clicks on Xender iOS Download. Added one could share everything without an internet connection or any external cable.

You can directly download Xender for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Xender for iOS Download – Screenshots

Xender For iOS
Xender For iOS
Xender For iOS
Xender For iOS
Xender For iOS
Xender For iOS

Xender is also available for

Hope you have got a clear idea about Xender App for iOS version. Comment us for any queries.