Xender For iPad Download: Share all the files and other media contents between devices now with the file-sharing applications. Transferring is made easy and quick with these file sharing applications. Though there are lots of apps available in the market, Xender is one of the best file-sharing applications. Often an Apple user faces lots of difficulties in transferring data between different platforms due to its distinct OS. Xender transfers data at a greater speed. Xender app for iPad is now made available in the store, and iPad users could share things between devices quickly. Now sharing is made easy with Xender for iPad. Download Xender for iPad and enjoy its salient features.

Xender For iPad

Xender iPad is a file-sharing application developed by Xender Team in the year 2012. It is a platform-independent application available for platforms such as Android, iOS, iPad, Mac, Windows Phone, and Windows PC. Get in to know about Xender app features and download it from here for free. Now transfer from your iPad between devices. Xender for iPad is easy to use interface and works efficiently in handling the transfers.

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Xender For The Following Reasons

Xender works better than Bluetooth. Transfers data without any internet connection and cable. Bluetooth takes a much larger time for transfer, whereas Xender takes a limited time. Multiple files could be shared at a time without any loss of its quality and at a much higher rate such as 10 M/S. Supports multi-platform transferring. Download the Xender for iPad to enjoy transferring to the fullest.

Features of Xender for iPad

Transfer files without any external cable or other tools. Wireless transferring is made possible with Xender App installed on the iPad.  Even Bluetooth sharing stands out regarding speed, quality, and capacity. Its features are as follows:

Faster than faster: Share data such as photos, music, videos, audio, documents, and much more with Xender at a faster than faster rate.

No cable: Share files without using any external cables or USB between devices with the Xender app.

Transfer for free: Transfer the data absolutely without any data for free.

Unlimited size: Share files of unlimited size at a faster rate.

Multiple sharing: Transfer data between a group of 4 members of the maximum. Create a group of members before sharing.

No compression: Transfer files of larger size without any compression. Files transferred via Xender replicate the original file.

Slide: Just a slide or shake is needed to share the files in Xender for iPad.

No Software: There is no need to install any additional software in desktop versions while sharing between iPad to PC.

Offline mode: Transfer with high speed without any internet between devices anywhere in the Offline mode.

Phone replicate: Back up the phone and copy contacts, photos, and other existing things from the old phone to a new phone with the Phone replicate option.

Cross-platform: One could transfer data between different devices of platforms that support Android, iOS, PC, and vice versa.

Specifications of Xender iPad

Watch the space below for Xender iPad Specifications.

Developer: Xender Team
Release Date: 2013
Category: File Sharing
Xender supports on: iOS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Download Xender for iPad

Transferring is made easy with the Xender app installed on the iPad. Share everything without an internet connection or any external cable.

You can directly download Xender for iPad directly from Apple app store.

Xender is also available for

Xender for iPad – Screenshots

Xender For iPad
Xender For iPad
Xender For iPad
Xender For iPad

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