Viber Update | Download Latest Version Of Viber App: Viber is a free messaging app that is available for mobile as well as desktop platforms. Viber is a platform-independent service, and the application gets new updates from the firm. Viber updates will bring in new features, update the previous features, or bugs will be fixed. Get a handy application with improved features with each update. The new Viber update lets you experience all-new features with a neat and clean user interface. Viber allows you to make calls and share text messages from anywhere. Get Viber updated version to let enjoy all-new exciting features. The article is about the latest update in Viber and a direct link to download the updated Viber messenger app. Viber is frequently updated by Viber Media so as to improve customer satisfaction.

Viber Update

Viber App – An Overview

With Viber, connect with everyone in the world for free. More than 400 million Viber users use the app to text, make HD-quality audio and video calls, share pictures and video messages worldwide over your Wifi or 3G connection for free. Viber Out lets you make calls even to non-Viber mobile and landline numbers at low rates. Viber is compatible with and optimised for desktop and tablet versions. To switch between your tablet, desktop, and phone simultaneously. On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The app uses the address book to sync with your contact list and automatically detects which of your contacts are using Viber. Share messages and stay in touch with each other via one-to-one chat and make group chats to stay in touch with your gang.

Download Viber With The Latest Viber Update

You can download the latest versions of the Viber app (Android/iOS) from the official site ( You can also download the latest version from your respective app stores.

What’s New in Viber Update

Viber brings updates all the time to provide its user with new features and also the improvements made to the current features. Find out about the changes that are made recently from below.

Viber Update With Viber Version 6.9.5

  • Group invitation links are now available with Viber, and it will help you quickly add more people to your groups.
  • Android users can now move the picture of themselves around the screen during a video call.
  • With the Faster sticker search option, find related stickers in an instant by typing the keywords in English. 

Viber Update With Viber Version 6.9.2

  • When you lose connection while downloading a sticker pack on Viber for iOS, then resume the download from where it had reached when the connection was lost.

Viber Update With Viber Version 6.9.1

  • Sticker search has got a new home inside the stickers tab. Tap on the icon and find the perfect sticker for any situation.
  • Find the perfect GIF now by tapping on the GIF search on your chat menu. 

Viber Update With Viber Version 6.8.7

  • Now Pin chats to the top which is new to iOS and is improved on Android OS. Keep your favourite contacts chats at the top of the screen.
  • Change notification sounds option is brought to iOS. So, personalise your Viber by changing the notification sound to one that suits you.

Viber Update With Viber Version 6.8.5

  • Watch YouTube videos in chat which is new for both iOS and Android. Play videos on the whole screen from inside your chat.
  • Updated online status is a new feature for iOS and Android. So, find when your contacts were last seen on Viber.

Other Features of Viber

  • Share unlimited messages at any time with the Viber app.
  • Share messages with Stickers and emoticons.
  • Share pictures, contact information, audio, and video messages, share files for free.
  • Chat in groups and express your things mutually with up to 200 members maximum.
  • Hide your chat from others to maintain privacy.
  • Delete the message which you regret sending even after it is sent to the receiver with the Damage Control feature.
  • Stay updated about famous celebrities and companies now with the Public chat option.
  • Make audio and video calls and talk to your loved ones. Make international calls with HD-quality.
  • Viber Out lets you call a non-Viber member from anywhere with low call rates.
  • Block contacts if you no longer want to communicate with that number.
  • Play games with Viber by installing the game apps.
  • Viber is cross platforms application that is available for phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • The Viber app can be resized on PC for optimal view.

Viber App – Screenshots

Viber Update
Free calls
Viber Update
Viber Update

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