Line For iOS | Download Line iOS: Innovative things gain popularity all the time. It is evident even with technology. The development of technology (Line for iOS) in Smartphones introduced many messenger platforms. Though there are lots of messaging apps available, there are only a few that gain overall popularity. One such messenger app is the Line Application. The line is developed for instant messaging all over the world for free. Anyone could communicate globally with the Line app installed on the smartphone. The line was developed in 2011 by Naver Corporation. It is a platform-independent application that was initially developed for Android and iOS and later extended to other platforms. To be more precise this blog provides you with all the necessary details about the features that are bound within Line for iOS.

Line For iOS

The line is a Voice over Internet Protocol specially designed to exchange texts, images, voice calls, video calls, etc. Anyone could enjoy communicating with their friends and family from anywhere with the Line installed. Now any iOS user could enjoy all the features of Line apk as the Android users.

Line For iOS – Features

The line is a free application for instantaneous messaging. With an internet connection, you could connect to anyone from within the world easily. Its features are listed below:

  • Free Messaging:

Share and express your activities to your loved ones with free messages. Add stickers and emojis to make your conversation more lively and fun-filled.

  • Group Chats:

Chat with your friends and family as a group now with the Line group chat feature. Express your general views mutually now with group chats and know what others feel about the same topic.

  • Stickers and Emoticons:

Make your conversation more lively with stickers and emojis. Express what you wanted to say with the unique collection of stickers available from the Sticker Shop.

  • Free Voice Calls:

Keep in touch with your favorite kind of people and hear their voice now with free voice calls. Make unlimited voice calls worldwide.

  • Free Video Calls:

Call your favorite people at any time now with the Video calling option to feel them near you. Forget the distance of being wherever.

  • Share Photos and Videos:

You could share any number of photos and videos now with the Line for iPhone app. Click a pic, send them instantly, and find out their views.

  • Timeline Page: 

Post all your day-to-day activities in the timeline and get comments. You could also comment on your friend’s posts.

  • Line Out:

Make any international calls to landlines or mobile phones at a low cost. You could also make calls to those who are not using the Line Application.

  • Sticker Store:

Sticker Store has unlimited stickers that could express things much conveniently as you wish. You could purchase them and send a gift too.

  • Official Accounts:

Connect with your favorite celebrities and companies directly with their official accounts. Get all the latest information about it quickly.

  • New Apps:

With the Line app, you could get connected to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life.

  • Play Games:

Play games with the Line app. You could share the points earned with your friends.

New Features in Line App for iOS

There are some features added to Line app for iOS. One could enjoy those features with the updated version.

Line For iOS
  • Group Calls:

Make group calls with 200 people at the same time. Now you could connect with a maximum of 200 members and talk to them and share things.

  • Keep:

Keep your stuff close to the Keep option. Store photos, videos, messages and share them directly with your loved ones quickly.

Line App For iOS

An iOS user could also enjoy making international calls, group calls, and much more activities by downloading the Line App to their iOS Devices.

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Line for iOS – Screenshots

Line For iOS
Line For iOS
Line For iOS

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Hope the information provided gives you all the details about the Line App for iOS. For any queries, comment below. Keep visiting the Website for more related posts.