Line Apk For Android | Download Line Apk: With the development of hundreds of applications for smartphones, it is often certain to try new things out and find how innovative and efficient it is. One such application that became popular in a short period is the LINE application. LINE is a platform-independent application developed by Naver Corporation in 2011. It is a trademarked application specially designed for instant messaging. Having completed five years of history, LINE has more than 200 million monthly active users as of now along with 600 million users worldwide.

LINE Apk for Android
LINE Apk for Android

LINE is an instant application for Android users. Designed for people in and around the world to be in touch with each other anytime. The LINE app is used to send and receive messages, voice calls, video calls, location sharing, contact sharing, audio, and video sharing. Line application is developed mainly to make people express their feelings to their loved ones irrespective of the distance they were. This blog would give you details about the LINE app for Android along with its features, pros, and cons. Read how the app works and tries with just a click to install it.

Features of Line Apk For Android

  • LINE Messenger for Android is a free application with a GPS enabled. Anyone using need not pay for it.
  • Easy to register with the phone number or an email address.
  • Address book synchronization is available. It makes easy to find your contacts who are already using it. One could add friends to the QR code, line id.
  • Chatting with unknown people other than from the address book is made easy with the Shake-it function that shows random people using Line Apk for Android.
  • The user could send text messages, images, audio, video, location and contact sharing from anywhere with a GPS enabled.
  • Sending a message from anywhere anytime is possible (GPS enabled). With added new collections of stickers and emoticons, one could express the original feel while communicating.
  • The user could see a real-time confirmation once the message is sent and received.
  • Chat could be hidden for a specified period, after which the messages get disappear.
  • One-on-one and group chats are possible with Line App. A single group that can have a maximum of 200 people. Broadcasting messages are also possible.
  • Contacts could be blocked when the user no longer want to receive the message from those contacts.
  • This app has timeline and homepage features that allow users to post pictures, like and comment.
  • Themes can be changed by choosing from the theme shop. There were lots of themes that are entirely free. It even has got famous and unique characters from in and around the world.
  • Voice calls and video calls are also possible with all the users of LINE Apk even with other supported versions.
  • High-quality calls all over the world are possible provided with a good internet connection.

Line Apk For Android – Variant Features

  • The LINE-Out feature makes international calls to landlines and mobile phones with lower rates.
  • Snap movie option is available with which one could add background music for the recorded video.
  • Find and follow the celebrities and companies with their official LINE accounts for exclusive news, promotions, and coupons.
  • The offline dictionary is available along with pronunciation search, pop-up dictionary, translator and the words searched are saved for later use.
  • Using LINE pay option user could pay online safely.
  • LINE account user with an account can install and play LINE games. The user can connect with friends, send and accept items, and earn friend points.

Line Apk For Android – New Features

  • Group calls are made possible. It could connect about 200 members in a single call.
  • Keep the things closer with Keep features such as messages, photos, and videos. Sharing them with friends are possible.
  • Profile videos will now play on the Friends and Chats screens.
  • LINE points are now automatically exchanged to coins when more coins are needed to complete stickers purchases or theme purchases.

Download Line Apk For Android

Make International Calls to Landlines and Mobile phones at a lower rate with Line.

Click here to Download Line Apk for Android.

Line is also available for

Line Apk For Android – Pros and Cons


  • The quality of the call is a greater advantage.
  • A wide range of stickers and emoticons to convey things with fun.
  • Line App works on multiple platforms.
  • Authenticated communication is possible that ensures security.
  • Contacts could be blocked and hidden when needed.


  • Contacts cannot be deleted.

Line Apk For Android – Screenshots

Line Apk For Android Free Download
Line Apk For Android Free Download
Line Apk For Android Free Download
Download Line Apk For Android
Line Apk For Android Free Download
Line Apk Download
Line Apk For Android Free Download
Line Apk For Android Free Download

Thus in a nutshell LINE is more than an instant messaging application. With advanced features and low call rates with high quality, it is standing at the right place when compared with other social networking sites.

Hope the information provided about Download Line Apk for Android will be useful to you. Comment us for any queries.

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